Guide to install Snow Leopard on HP mini with N450 from Win 7

This guide is different from others in 1 aspect, u don’t have to delete the recovery partition to install OS X on ur mini. This gives the freedom to come back to Win in case u want to, but not for sure….

There are easier methods which may work with other minis. But I got through this method after working around for more than a month. To start with keep the following things handy and you should have win 7 installed in ur mini

1. 8Gb USB drive

2. Smaller USB drive (anythin >50mb would work)

3. A copy of iAtkos S3 V2 (U can torrent it)

4.  NBI 083 FF DD image

5. Image Writer for Windows

6. DD Mac

On your Windows

Take the smaller USB drive and plug it to your mini. Open Image Writer for windows, Select “NBI 083” as image file and USB drive as device. Press Write button and wait till it finishes. Now your USB drive is bootable, keep it aside.

Next step is transferring iAtkos image to usb using ddmac. This is the most tricky part since ddmac is not in Englsih. To do this, open ddmac in compatibility mode for XP (otherwise also it will work, but progress bar won’t refresh properly)  and select as follows.

1. Select iAtkosS3V2.iso file

2. De-select the box that says “tboot.ini boot.ini” with a bunch of other question marks.
3. De-select the box that is beside the drop down area where you select your drive.
4. Select your 8 GB USB drive from the drop down list.
5. Reselect the box beside the drop down menu again.
6. Press the button right beside this box and it will start.

DON’T TOUCH your mini until ddmac completes its task. This is very important to make the transfer successful. That’s it, time to say goodbye to Windows.

On your mini

Reboot your mini after plugging both USBs. Press f9 during boot to select “boot from USB”. Now you can see (hopefully) 3 drives to boot from. Select iAtkos icon using right arrow and press Enter. Now your mini should boot from iAtkos USB and will take you to OS X installer.

Select Language and press Next.

Go to the top of the screen “Utilities”, from this menu select “Disk Utility”

Click on your Mini’s hard drive, windows partition in the left pane.

Click on the “Erase” tab.

Under Volume Format, select Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

Click “Erase”.

After Disk Utility has finished erasing your drive, exit the Disk Utility.

Now click “Next” and select your newly erased hard drive as the destination.

On the next screen, you will see an option at the bottom that reads “Customize”. Click on it.

Be careful in selecting options, I’m not describing the options I have selected here since it might not work for you. But be sure to select bootloader as Chameleon RC2, kernel as Intel atom and must have patches.

You can continue with installation now, Wait for roughly 20 minutes, your system will reboot automatically once installation is complete.

Remove both USBs on reboot and wait till Chameleon screen appears. Select your OS X drive and type “-v cpus=1” without quote. This should take you to welcome screen and registration.

Unfortunately new HP minis are coming with Insyde BIOS and can’t use both CPU cores natively. To get rid of this problem we have to use Legacy Kernel which I will be explaining in my next blog.


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Hello world!

Intel Atom N270 & N450

Thanks for visiting my blog. The feeling of strangeness in the new world of social networking made me start blogging again. Moreover this is the day i got my new HP mini 110. Initial impression was not that great. After Googling  for  5 minutes, I came to know why Intel has taken a step to launch new series of pine trail processors even though it has nothing much extra to do compared to its great predecessor N270. All that N450 could do over N270 was making the graphical card incompatible for OS X. It comes with an integrated GPU by name GMA 3150. Nevertheless to say, Intel should have done this well before to show its courtesy to Apple.

By the way my problem is I am not able to install OS X on my mini even though its latest in its series. I am going to start the war today. Hope to get some result in 3 days….

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